General Information

Who We Are?

We are a Community Service organization that gives its members the opportunity to meet new people, socialize and form lasting friendships while working together to achieve a common goal.

Some of our Projects Include:

Parent of the Year Essay Contest

Safety Town (Students entering Kindergarten)

2nd Grade Art Contest (involves the JT School System)

4th/5th Grade Spelling Bee involves the JT School System)

Jefferson HS Scholarship (involves the JT School System)

Valentines For Vets

Snowflakes For Peace (Involves the JT School System)

Annual Toy Giveaway

Town Wide Garage Sale

Police Trading Cards

We also sponsor many fundraisers throughout the year that include:

Wrobo Run 5K Run/Walk

Bunny Brunch

50/50 (proceeds to go different organization every year)

Our Club contributes money to charity on three levels:  Worldwide and Nationally we decide as a club where to help.  We have a KIVA account that helps a woman in Africa take out a loan to start her own business.  We also support BEAD FOR LIFE.  Nationally we support UNICEF. 

On the State level we support Child Abuse Prevention, Veteran's Affairs, Alzheimer's Association, SEEING EYE.  

Our club raised 0ver $5,000 for the Seeing Eye!

Mental Health Awareness.  (Our club helped with this cause by using the 2014 Wrobo Run Proceeds to Benefit CONNECT a local group that brings awareness to Mental Health and Suicide!)

Locally, Juniors can choose any charity or organization in which to distribute funds. Within our own area, we disburse where there is a need.  The local First Aid Squads (Milton and Lake Hopatcong), Recreation Dept., New Hope and Star of the Sea Food Pantires, Jefferson Township Fire Companies #1 & #2, Jefferson Pound,  Local Sports-mainly rin through recreation, Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts, are just some of the many organization we help.

Motto: Faith, Hope, Charity

Flower:  Forget-Me-Not

Who are our Members:

We are women just like you , generous, caring, and talented- who grow by working together toward common goals.  We are women of the community interested in helping our community, schools, and the world.  Wherever your talents lie, there is a place for you in Juniors.

What are we?

A volunteer community service organization, affiliated with the world's oldest and largest non-denominational, non-partisan, international women's volunteer organization; the General Federation of Women's Club headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The New Jersey Federation of Women's Clubs of GFWC - Junior Membership is a statewide organization providing education, training, and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community involvement, enriching the quality of life through out New Jersey and the world.

Our Purpose:

To promote friendships among young persons, to advance the education and social welfare of the community and to carry on the worthwhile work of the General Federation of Women's Clubs and GFWC of New Jersey.  In addition to our projects and fundraisers we also find time throughout the year to organize a few social events with our husbands and children as well as provide a source for playgroups and other children's activities.

Our History and Basis:

Organized- 1981


The Jefferson Juniors are part of the General Federation of Woman's Clubs, which has its headquarters in Washington, D.C.  The Woman's Club was organized in 1910 through a charter granted by the U.S. Government and became federated in 1922.  It is now one of the world's largest and oldest women's volunteer organizations.  Working locally in more than 6,500 clubs in the United States and globally in over 20 countries, GFWC members support arts, preserve natural resources, promote education, encourage healthy lifestyles, and stress civic involvement.  An executive board is comprised of women from around the country.

Our state organization is the New Jersey Federation of Women's Clubs of GFWC- Junior Membership (NJSFWC-JM).   The New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs of GFWC - Junior Membership is statewide organization providing education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community involvement, enriching the quality of life throughout New Jersey and the World.

New Jersey is divided into eight districts of Woman's Clubs, with Jefferson being held in the Highlands District.  The Highlands District includes 5 Junior Woman's Clubs located in the northwestern part of the state.

Both the Woman's Clubs and the Junior Woman's Clubs are vital working orgainzations with roots in local communities and branches around the world.  Clubs shape their local agendas to suit particular community needs, with the Jefferson Juniors being very service oriented.  Our goal is to interest our membership in worthwhile service projects and to encourage a general cultural advancement for its members.  This service is achieved through giving time, work, and money as a club to various charities and community projects.

Junior Woman's Club of Jefferson Twp.

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