Junior Woman's Club of Jefferson Twp.

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The Junior Woman's Club,  in partnership with the Jefferson Township Police Department,  is launching a local Police Trading Card program.  Just like collecting baseball cards, the children of Jefferson can now collect trading cards from our local police officers. Each officer's trading card will have their photo, statistics and personal information, along with their sponsor's information. The program was established to foster positive relationships between police and children, building a rapport and trust, which is an important issue in this day and age. The Junior Woman's Club cherishes the children in our community and we are proud of our police force. We are happy to offer this positive opportunity for the two groups to meet.  We ask that only children under the age of 18 approach the officers to ask for  their trading card.   The program will be launched at National Night Out, located at the Jefferson Township Municipal Complex,  August 2, 2016 from 6-9pm.  The Jefferson Twp Police are very excited to have their own trading cards and are looking forward to meeting all of the children. The police department is offering a prize to all children who collect the entire set of 36 cards. If your child collects all 37 trading cards by December 31, 2016, they  will win a ride in a police car to their favorite ice cream parlor for a treat and a bicycle helmet. 
And don't forget to patronize the sponsors on the trading cards. Without our sponsors, this program would not be a success, and they are just as excited to be a part of this program and our community.